Sunday, May 12, 2013

BIrd Photography by Akos Lumnitzer

Its so difficult to get first class bird photos in flight or at night. Above is a beautiful photograph from Akos Lumnitzer.

I urge you  to  visit Akos website    A brilliant play  on words, you  can  explore what  it takes, (and what  he has to  wear!), in order to  capture some of the best birding  photos I have seen.

There are workshops, as well ,that  you  can  do- (one coming up  soon at Taronga Zoo in  June), if you  want to improve your ability  to  take better shots. Also a list  of equipment needed. Its a complete package that  will  at the very least make you  a better birder.

Many  thanks for the permission to  use this photo.

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