Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bush Fire Brigade

Some readers may  remember that  12 months ago we had a serious fire incident only  metres from our home. A National Parks hazard reduction got away, jumping containment lines and raced towards us via the Burralow and Wool Wash Creek.
Some of the tankers ready  for the competitions

I was all very  serious stuff, with  helicopters water bombing and the Rural Fire Service Tankers lined up in the street. To our relief the co-ordintationa and efforts of the teams prevented what  could have been are catastrophe from occuring.

Lads demonstrating how to  extinguish a fire.

Last  weekend, the various brigades got together for their annual competition to  see who were the outstanding performers and who had the best presented truck.

I am  pleased to  say  that, our brigade won- Grose Vale, and came 2nd for best  presented truck.

Dave sprinting back after unrolling a line.

It was quite exciting to watch  the younger guys roll out hoses, connect and put out a fire, then  roll up and store. There were various field events and the overall winner was decided based on a total aggregate time.

The winning crew at the end of the day!

It was a real community event and a vital one for our safety.

Note- to  those of you  who have commented in  recent weeks. HUGE thank you . I have not been  feeling up  to  blogging with a couple of health issues taking priority. Your support is much appreciated

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  1. Great news about Dave and crew! Hope you're feeling a bit better