Sunday, May 9, 2010

Roudsea Woods and bird ringing

We walked over mosses....

...passing reedbeds...

and Daffodils in bloom......

Walking under interesting trees....

To set up a ringing station....

...and mist nets....

To catch, record, measure, weigh.......

age, and ring....

A variety of birds. (tree creeper in my hand).

Another top day in Cumbria!


  1. Looks like you had a good time Simon...

    Still love looking at the last post.. although the damp and cold puts a chill in my bones...

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.. xx Julie

  2. glad you explained ringing... i had no idea. i love that gnarly tree tho :)

  3. and, soo do you catch them in those nets?

  4. Julie- You are welcome.

    Laura- Its actually the work my friend Dr Jim Fowler does. The birds fly towards feeders that are set up in a variety of places in the woods.

    In this example the feeder is near the reeds. They fly into the nets and we remove them, bag them and return them to the ringing station where there details are recorded. The bird is released unharmed.

    This way we can track the birds. My first experience of this was in Shetland in 2002.

    The tree was fantastic as too, was all the woods!

  5. thats so cute. what is the main purpose for tracking them?


  6. to work out populations.. eg in decline or on the rise or static. Also migratory factors..when/how far/why..

  7. cool...thx. im just curious about new things

  8. The mist nets make it all look very official and most interesting Simon! You were learning from the master!
    I left you a comment about walking sticks on my blog. I swear my using one now, but just in places where it is steep and/or muddy. (Or tow if you have knee problems.) Mine was light and collapsible. I used it lots in France where it was often wetter/muddier. But as summer came in Spain I didn't use it often. But when it did, I think it saved me from potential injury. I met an Aussie who dislocated his shoulder on a muddy descent where I had used my stick for safety.

  9. Kiwi- thanks! I will check it out