Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Snapshots of England

It's been a hectic week, and frankly having had treatment for my blood, I did not feel like posting. However I hope you will enjoy these snapshots.

View from my window at night

The village where I stayed

Inside a pub

Outside a pub

I found this beaut Landrover sitting by this shed


  1. Hi Simon
    I love that beer shot!!! not that I drink anymore.. haha.. just like the shot..

    Hope you are feeling a bit better now... xx Julie

  2. Your opening night time view is wonderful! It has such a rich warmth to the dark.

  3. Julie- You like shots? I prefer beer...Oh..you mean the photo :o)

    A little better thanks...

    Willow- thanks yes the street had a particular glow that night

  4. And I bet you wanted to bring that landrover home with you!!!

  5. i like the enchanted forest vid... and of course the outside pub pic. is that the black dog?

  6. Kiwi- you are right!

    Pooch- no, not the black dog but i do have a photo for another post. Thanks re the video- pretty amazing (for me)

  7. Enjoyed your photos Simon. I think I could get acclimated to the countryside pretty quickly.

  8. thanks Lilah- yes its very nice and your art work work well there too!

  9. Great shots mate! When are you coming back mate? You only sampled a fraction of the available Real Ales ;-)

  10. I hope soon mate- must do Shetland and Scotland! Remember I have access to the historic home by the Loch... good spot for birds

  11. Nice. I could use a beer right now here. It's hot! Hope you're feeling better now, Simon.