Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goulburn River National Park

On the weekend we...

drove past interesting formations....

...and passed historic homes....

Set up camp.. (please note the tea towel sunning)

To digispot birds (Jacky Winter in my sights)...

....whilst Dave went fishing.

That night we sat around a roaring fire, boiling the billy and telling tall stories...

Awoke the next day to -5c morning and a thick frost...

And walked along the Goulburn river in glorious sunshine.

The Goulburn River National Park is on my top 10 list. Excellent campsites, views and river make it a haven for wildlife. Cleverly laid out camping area means you are not in view of the next campers. Very cold at night and first thing in the morning, we were fortunate to have a roaring fire at all times.

White-bellied Sea Eagle ( Photo courtesy of www.birdphotos.com.au)

On this trip we saw:-Pee wee. Australian Magpie, Eastern Rosella, Crimson Rosella, King Parrot, Jacky Winter, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Galah, Nankeen Kestrel, Wedge tailed Eagle, Sea Eagle, Azure Kingfisher, Golden Whistler, Pied Butcher Bird, Australian Raven, Little Raven, Red Browed Finch, Common Starling,Striated Pardalote, White eared Honey eater, Noisey Miner, Bell Miner, Yellow Thornbill, White-throated Warbler, Variegated Wren, Grey Fantail, Willy Wagtail, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike.

There were more birds in the canopy of the trees but were difficult to confirm as my binoculars kept freezing over!


  1. Hard to think of you having such a heavy frost... But at least you had blue skies afterwards!!!

  2. Hi Kiwi- It was VERY heavy and unusual. I was very happy we had such warm sunshine, but the minute you stepped into the shade it was freezing! Took hours for the frost to thaw

  3. Fantastic post mate. But surprised to notice you left your laptop out in the frost all n ight! Nice pic of the Jacky Winter!

  4. thanks mate- ahahah re lap top... it runs on gas.....

  5. Your winter always catches me off guard. :))) Duh! Here I'm having trouble staying online for all the massive thunderstorms we've been having. It goes between blistering hot and then in a matter of minutes the temp can drop 20 degrees and the fire is flying and thunder rolls for up to an hour.
    I'm thinking your boy has the best times.:)

  6. cool post, but its difficult for me to understand your language. eg what is digispot and what is boiling the billy. sorry haha
    i really like the historical home and love the view of the river


  7. Lilah! Storms again!! I hope all will be ok. Yes he seems to enjoy it.

    Laura- Digispoting is where you use a telescope or binoculars to enhnace the range on your camera to take a photo of a bird.

    A billy- is a tin that you hang over a fire with water in it to boil the water.. we call it boiling the billy... sorry to be "aussie" I am sure there are things in canada that I would not understand :o)

  8. haha cool. aussie slang. i love it.

  9. HI Simon
    Like your new format.. seems everyone is getting a new one these day...

    Well my internet in new place is lousy!!! fickle and inconsistent hence lack of blogging and visits...

    sorry Laura.. but have to laugh about 'boiling the billy'... Simon you should have thrown in a dog on the tucker box for the heck of it!!

    Funny how we forget we use aussie slang!!!

    OK.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  10. There's no way I could match that, how fantastic is that. Why not use the EveryTrail app on your phone to track your walks, like this:


  11. haha so now i have to ask, whats a dog on the tucker box?

  12. Ellee- every trail app? hahah I can only just use the phone function. I dont even have a Sat Nav in the car.

    Pooch... I will let you know soon!

  13. julie- thanks! yes! I hope things settle down for you!