Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Mangrove Creek

On Sunday morning, as promised I took Dave and his friend Fishing on the beautiful Hawkesbury river. The boys set up whilst I tended to morning tea.

Daves mate with the first catch of the day!

It was not too long before Daves mate hooked a small brim. Too small to keep it was nevertheless a good sign of things to come

Brush Turkey!

Out of the bush came an Australian Brush Turkey. An interesting bird about the size of a large chicken, I think they would make good eating.

Boiling the billy

As the boys fished I boiled the billy, made tea and relaxed as the water quietly rolled by. There were plenty of bites, and a large Mangrove Jack was hooked. Sadly too strong for the line it, got away!

When we got home I took the boys along the fire trail in the landcruiser. Whilst not difficult, the track has become very overgrown and with a couple of steep drop offs it is quite entertaining. At the end there is an old fire place I made 10 years ago.

Preparing the fire for the BBQ

I have a fantastic BBQ plate and it cooks better than the De Longhi BBQ I have at home. It was not too long before we had a roaring fire and cooked our lunch consisting of bacon, lamb chops and chicken sausages.

My famous BBQ plate
In the cold, damp conditions they went down like a treat. A couple of beers ( for me) and a few hours later we headed back. David felt the urge to jog the few Kms back and thats what he did.

View from the bbq plate

A top Sunday afternoon had by all!


  1. Beautiful views.. and I'm getting hungry now looking at that yummo barbeque!! Have a great week in all this rain.. xx Julie

  2. Beautiful views.. and I'm getting hungry now looking at that yummo barbeque!! Have a great week in all this rain.. xx Julie

    did that comment go through???

  3. :o)- dont you love comment moderation? makes people repeat themselves!

    Thanks Julie for your comments- you too! The bbq plate is amazing it cooks just right everytime

  4. great bbq plate - we could do with one of those - haven't seen over here? will go searching. Bit chilly in Shetland at mo for bbq - flying sausages!x

  5. I wanna bbq plate too!
    Great day out mate, I would have loved to have seen that brush turkey!

  6. Abby- thanks! I guess if you built a small stone wall and used peat you could have a bbq in summer in Shetland

    Maalie- its a bloody good one- we will use it onthe trip out to Lake Eyre in April

  7. my bbq is the inside tub of a washing machine. its good because its deep and has holes in the sides for good visuals and oxygen. the bottom of the washer is the base, which makes it portable.
    then i have a metal grate from inside a refrigerator for on top when the wood has burned down.
    i can see how the plate could have a big advantage
    mine is cool tho.... :)

  8. It sounds like a delux bbq Laura. by the sound of it it would burn nicely,cook well, be warm amd keep the fire controlled too!

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