Friday, June 17, 2011

Wheeny Creek.

Down the bottom is Wheeny creek.

The week was a disaster. I have the flu, I have been told I have osteoporosis and the treatment to strengthen the bones "kills" the jaw bone, I have to have my ankle fused and a hip replacement (both on the right leg)- the ankle alone is 16 weeks to recover and I may have to swap pedals in the car. Stop work as I cannot drive too. I have a tumor and it needs to be removed and I have to send a camera down my throat to see why its sore- probably because I have been on anti- inflamitories for 10 years.

So, seeing that I am totally "fucked", I thought "self" " Will I sit here in the house and stare at the walls?" OR will I get out and go for a walk and say "Fuck the blood disorder." So I chose the latter.

Yellow Robin ( not my photo)

No contest- I went to Wheeny creek. A popular and lovely spot to the north of where I live. The creek flows into the Colo River and swamps and there is a good variety of birds and wildlife. In the past I have seen Rock Warbler here, as well as LyreBird. I have been told Brush turkey can be seen as well.

Spotted Quail Thrush (not my photo)

I was delighted to see a Spotted Quail-thrush. A shy bird that flies quickly away and hides in the lower growth , again a chance sighting. Also delightful was a Yellow Robin and a beautiful White-bellied Sea eagle. Probably the one I saw a week or so ago at the polo fields.

It was a nice sunny day, with a warm breeze although I got plenty of leeches on me in the three hours I was there. I think we are at a turning point in the midst of the winter solstice. I felt refreshed and relaxed after my time in the national park and all it has to offer.

Swampy bits..

Birds included:-Buff-rumped Thornbill, Grey Fantail, Laughing Kookabura, Wee bill, Lewins Honeyeater, Australian Magpie, Red-browed Finch, Bell Miner, Superb Fairy Wren, Yellow Robin, Masked Lapwing, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Royal Spoonbill, Welcome Swallow, Pied Currawong, Australian Black Swan, Eastern Rosella, Purple Swamp Hen, Pacific Black Duck, Willy Wagtail, Hard Head, Little Pied Cormorant, Crimson Rosella, Rufus Whistler, Spotted Quail-thrush, Cattle Egret.


  1. mmmnnnnn you never invited me along. Why was that? was there horses to chase or cattle? WOOF!

  2. mate, yes there was, and I did not want to get distracted or pull the over off the landcruiser so you could bark at everything.. and, as for piddling on everything...give it a break! lol!

  3. You are my hero, Simon!

    The bird list looks impressive, Jim would be so pleased.

    Thinking of you,

  4. Nip,
    forget about Simon when he's off birding!
    Nothing you'd enjoy, he'd keep you tied up under the hood to make sure you can't chase away the precious birds.
    Better look for snakes in the garage (and keep off the bike tires, alright?).
    x Anna

  5. thanks everyone. I am feeling awful frankly.