Monday, June 13, 2011

Willandra Station and the Plains wanderers

I needed a well deserved weekend away in my favorite place- the outback. Details soon!


  1. well, that and Paris and the Lakes District, and Manly...and the Blue Mountains

  2. Simon,
    so good to hear that you were able to enjoy a weekend away in one of your favorite places on earth (and we all have more than one favorite, don't we?). Your picture is a beautiful testimony to the beauty of the place! I am looking forward to hear more.

    A wonderful start into the weekend to you and yours,

  3. ps I am just working the blog for Simon at the moment!

  4. Nip,
    you sound like quite the runcible fellow (you did not think I'd believe that you only chase cattle, did you?)!
    Hope you are a good boy and leave Simon's bike alone. ;-)

    Anna x

  5. yes I am runcible, in fact I have just got back from dog training school, where the trainer described me as a typical teenager. I enjoy biting things- other dogs, shoes, beer cans, cows, tyres on bikes, mowers, the back of peoples legs..the list goes on!