Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ankle Update

Happy New Year everyone.!

Just a brief update- The ankle is healing well. No pain whatsoever. I cannot put weight on it at all yet, so mobility is frustrating. I do have an ache that extends down the leg. I am assuming its as a result of lack of exercise of those leg muscles. Frankly, it does drive me nuts. I have had a go at driving the car and can do it but would prefer not to try heavy traffic. Its tiring as well.

I have not been visiting or writing much as the internet here is almost at a standstill and will be until the 8th Jan. So, feel like a stale bottle of drink at a BBQ- just hanging around reading, (what on earth do people find in reading??), sitting, researching, sleeping.... ARGH!!!!! I need a walk/fish/mow/bike ride/garden/travel/birdwatch.....


  1. Hi Simon. What do people get out of reading? You must be joking. I'll take this as a sign that you need to get out...which is understandable. Hope to see some drawings or photos that you've taken, etc.

    This is all good news, though, right?


  2. Glad to hear the pain is gone, even though the frustration with lack of mobility is huge. Hope the new year can soon become more active again.

  3., not joking...I have read 7 books in 10 days. all ranging from Cadel Evans, history, science of wetlands, history of the british empire, aboriginals, pastoral history, how to grade a road with a grader....even read the service manual of the Fj landcruiser cover to cover....

    no pain Kiwi at all.... but no mobility!

  4. Happy New Year Simon. Hope you will be able to move about more soon. It must be so frustrating for you. What would Maalie say about it!

  5. Well, Ellee...Maalie would tell me to stop being in 'Arrow Mode" and then lecture me on the virtue of study, but only in the evening when the sun had set ( so as not to interfere with birding or field research), and/or when the weather had closed in...

    I have to admit was was "pulling peoples leg" to some degree and expressing frustration and having to sit for so long.