Sunday, November 4, 2007

Narrow Neck

Well, seeing that I lost my previous posts and seeing that I had not ridden it for a while it was time on Sunday to revisit an old Favorite:- The Narrow Neck. Situated at Katoomba and heading south off Cliff Drive, the Narrow Neck is Popular for the sports walker, mountain biker and those that just love fresh air and spectacular views.

The area is well know world wide for the magic of the three sisters, a rock formation, Mt Solitary and the Ruined Castle.

The area , like most areas was mined for shale oil and many of the walking tracks exist today as a result of early rail and road.

In the 1970s the Narrow Neck fire trail was locked as a rare frog was discovered in a swampy part near Wall Pass. But in reality, it was to keep idiot four wheel drivers out from destroying a pristine area.

The track is well maintained to the fire tower and has only 4 steep climbs. Basically onto the Narrow Neck itself. Climbing back requires excellent balance and the ability to pace yourself, or you will "blow up".

The day was very cold with strong winds blowing from the south. This caught me completely off guard. Fortunately I did have thermals packed in the troopcarrier, and set off without the stress of being under prepared.

Because of the wind there were very few birds about. New Holland Honey eater being the exception. however there were a number of small lizards trying to warm up for the day by basking on the track. It took a keen eye not to run them over!

New Holland Honey Eater

The views at the end are simply the best you will see. Unlimited blue mountains that look like a rolling ocean, Lake Burragorang and far in the distance on the curve of the earth, the Sydney landscape. Some enjoy to be able to see the skyscrapers so far away, for me they are an intrusion.

All up the ride is about 25km, grade easy to moderate. A nice way to spend a few hours in one of the best places on earth.


  1. Respect is due, and paid in full.


  2. Do you have this ride straight from home, or do you shove your bike in your van and drive to it?

  3. No, I "place" my bike either in or on the vehicle and drive there.. takes about an hour.

  4. Exquisite Honeyeater photograph, I think I've just identified the bird I saw on Sunday ;) Haven’t seen a new Holland before!

  5. I have to confess this photo is not mine Anon ( sorry)... but i do have some. they are stored on my lap top which is being prepared...

    What is the bird you discovered?? let me know!!

  6. It was a New Holland Honey Eater! HAHA

  7. WONDERFUL lizard!

    And I envy your good knees and hips if you are up to that sort of trail jaunt!