Monday, November 19, 2007

Walk along a fire trail

Sometimes there is not a lot to be said. Just a walk along familiar trails provides the relaxation I need.

The trail heads south towards the Grose River Gorge. Wild flowers, banksias and gums line the trail...

It's part of a fire trail network that I ride on my bike regularly, but there is always somthing new to discover or see.

When I get home a new visitor is at the bird feeder......


  1. How I envy you Simon, here it's cooold and dark! Lovely photos too.

  2. hello Ilva! thanks its warm and sunny here :o)
    Hope you are fine!

  3. The close-ups of the Grevillea and Mountain Devil are great! Hello Cockie ... what a pleasant find for a visitor!

  4. he was Anon! Geez they can eat though!
    When are you posting part 2 of your bird rescue???

  5. So long as he doesn't eat wooden window frames and verandahs I've heard! OH there will be more than two parts heehee...

  6. Here dusk set in at 3pm today. I try to pretend that it doesn't bother me, but when looking at your pictures, sigh. I am glad that at least somewhere there is warmth and sunshine! :-)

  7. Anon:- Yes they are quite a "Runcible" bird I like the Corella too!

    He was very nervous as a new visitor. We had Rainbow lorekeets visit as well. they are Guts!! All the bird seed is eaten!@

    Merisi, do not worry! I wish for snow!!!

  8. You wish for snow?
    You ARE nuts.