Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cedar Valley, Walls Pass, and the Burralow Swamp

Cedar Valley Blue Mountains.

Neither walks are related- It's only that I want to combine two walks in the one post!

Last week I walked the Narrow Neck to the fire tower, then headed east to Walls Pass, (a chain down a rock ledge), that leads into the Cedar Valley. Why? To gain another perspective of just how someone could get lost for 12 days. Why Cedar Valley? Well, it's to the west of the Ruined Castle and if you click on the photo you will see that the valley looks like and ocean. Many years ago I walked through this valley and despite the best navigation, the terrain pushes you to the South, and it's difficult to fight.

I retuned after a number of hours and 20km (approx). There are just so many walks off the Narrow Neck and I have done posts on what an enjoyable bike ride it is too- some walks require rope so you can lower your pack down but again I was equipped only with a camel back so it was not an issue.

Birds seen:- Lewins Honey Eater, Eastern Spinebill, New Holland Honey Eater, Yellow Rumped Thornbill, Wattlebird, Australian Magpie, Bell Minor, Rosella, King Parrot. White Plumed Honey Eater.

The beginning of the trail beside the swamp.

The Burralow swamp is in my  back yard, no not literally!  I mean its a short ride, or 4wd drive into this magical place.  This was Australia's first  rice farm and may years ago I could ride my  horse passed the ruins of the old homestead. It has long gone and in fact the trails are becoming overgrown and its a literal bush bash to even walk where I could once ride even a bike. I am  not sure why the national parks do this. I  can  understand stopping vehicles, but this is such a great  walk.. There are even convict ruins- so much a part of our history, yet  there is no information about it provided anywhere.
Where once the Homestead stood. 

However, the day was perfect- golden sun 18c, the wattles perfumed the air, and it was not too long before we spotted a Glossy Black Cockatoo! These birds are on the "scarce" list, potentially endangered, so we have to report the sighting to National parks.

Birds nest! A Wren or Honey eater ( not sure)

Soon we spotted Yellow Robin, Superb Fairy  Wren, Whip Bird, both  male and female and of course a Kookaburra. The woods were full of brown flitty  things, but they  were so quick I could not get a good spot. I will say  they  looked like thornbills etc, but what  type I  do  not know.

The bush began to thicken and in some parts we were almost  on our hands and knees. In one spot the dew had frozen to the grass creating a magical environment.

Frozen dew!

After 4 hours we returned, tired but satisfied we had explored further this wonderful valley.

PS. It  appears that  David may  have been bitten by a snake.. He seems fine but has 2 distinct Puncture marks on his lower leg. We will monitor this and see how he goes. Not all snakes inject as it takes so much out of them.


  1. OH NO.. what a worry. Let's hope it was a lazy snake then. Great photos to once again remind me I stayed inside all day! Sounds like you both had a great time. I hope David is fine and the snake knows better next time. Julie

  2. thanks Julie- he seems fine. It does look like a bite for sure but no side effects. you stayed in doors? Well thats not so bad either! :o)

  3. You wanted to see how you could get lost for 12 days?? Only a man.. (shaking my head).

    I've never seen a snake in the wild, ever. Can't say as how I'm complaining, either. And to think, I worry when my hubby cycles into work to central London - I have no idea how your wifey must cope!

  4. I hope David is OK mate! Something to brag about to his mates at scholl, anyway!

    Wasn't it around Burralow Swamp that we saw Dollarbirds?

    Well done with the Glossy Black Cocky! I saw European Bee-eaters today!

  5. Shrinky- Oh yes... ( smile) We dave a snake that lives in the roof of our home, so its no worries really. You just have to know which ones to avoid.

    Maalie- yes mate thats right!

    David is fine this morning, no effects but definitly a bite

  6. ps- Shrinky- not ME getting lost!! there was a british tourist who got lost and I wanted to see how he could.....

  7. Wish we could have a bit of your 'winter' here..


  8. yes its not too bad really...

  9. Check out our latest 'summer' ride... weather almost as bad as the cricket!

  10. Poor David. Hope he is better now.

    Do you get Snowy Petrels in Australia?

  11. DAve is fine- Snowy Petrels? Umm I dont know!!

  12. For the first time, I could SMELL the images in this post....sooooo close to them now :))

  13. Braja you must be enjoying the faint hint of srping whilst in Adelaid! ? :o)