Monday, August 17, 2009

My favorite modes of travel

Having too much time on my hands because I am at home with the flu, I reflected on some of my favorite means of transport. Now, lets not forget previous posts, where I mention my Scarpa boots, and the Troopcarrier (sadly gone but not forgotten), the WW2 Jeep as well as an array of motor bikes, but this time I want to reflect on a few other current ones.

The Subaru WRX STi with MRT enhancements Spec C 220kw at the wheels
This car is one of the best I have driven. Fast but tractable, it has a lot of performance but is not grumpy in traffic ( unlike the Evo9). A uncompromising car yet will do less than 10 litres per hundred. Brilliant for all its performance

My Cannondale Prophet Mtn Bike. Just a brilliant bike. Happy at speed downhill, but equally as happy at "stall speed" up some steep technical hill, it's reliable and forgiving. I am not sure that Cannondale has made another bike I would replace it with.

My Australian "Whaler." Captured in the desert at Leigh Creek, South Australia. This is a sentimental one.. The "Whaler" was a horse that was bred for the Australian infantry in WW1 later being used by British forces. A horse that has all the strengths of an Arab (fast, stamina light on its feet) but all the strengths of a Thoroughbred as well. Mine was classified as an officers mount, because he had a beautiful head. Its claimed the Whaler was one of the reasons for the Australian success at Bersheeba- Shaddow (as he was called). Took me a lot of time to gain trust and for him to get used to a more "domestic" environment than his original desert home.

My Kayak. What can I say? A paddle down the river on sunset... nothing better.

The Landcruiser on a fire trail. This is the new trayback. Videos dont really show how rough the track is, but the film stops only because I could not drive and film at the same time...


  1. not much of a post but frankly I am too crook to care....

  2. I always feel so lazy when I come here. Your posts are so energetic. hehe

    Hope you feel better soon!!! Julie

  3. It happens in Winter to be in bed with the flu.
    You should take a trip to Europe.

    Get well soon!

  4. What a horrid time of year to have the flu. How is business at the moment? Is the auction business suffering from the recession in your neck of the woods.

    One of my best friends has just inherited a large house in Sydney and, who knows, I might get to visit her sometime, though I think she might be selling it for somewhere smaller.

  5. THAnks Julie- I don't feel energetic though..

    MAy- Trip to Europe? saving furiously to get there! :o)

    Ellee- get your friend to contact me before she sells. I can recommend good agents for her.

    Auction industry is going really well. Cars etc are booming. We always do well in troubled times!

  6. I think it is a very good post mate. Can;t wait to see - nay, to experience the trayback!

  7. Its a great tray back!!

    BTW I have replaced my beer back inot the fridge after Australias solid start in the test on a "peach" of a wicket!!

  8. I wonder if your fridge is BROAD enough to hold all the beer you need, mate?

  9. UM... no in fact all beer is out of the fridge... broadly speaking......

  10. Very nice.

    Hope you're over the flu by now! And can enjoy all those rides fully again.

  11. not quite over it Ted.. still get the dry cough....