Monday, August 10, 2009

"Make My Day" awards!

Last year I had the pleasure to receive a "Make My Day Award" and just this week I received a "Thank You " award from Julie at "Being Ruby". Its always nice to receive compliments and encouragement, so this is my way of saying thank you by giving Being Ruby the "Make My Day Award" too.
Julie's blog caught my eye with great photography, interesting dialogue about such topics as the Tour d France, as well as other far away places in Italy and Europe.

Another blog that receives my "Make My Day Award" is Maalie. A good friend of mine, his blog is informative and Maalie always has interesting and surprising places he seems to pop up in!

The final Blog that receives my "Make My Day Award" is Lost and Found in India. Again another interesting blog full of surprises, and I find the different lifestyle of Braja fascinating. Each has a link on my blog and I encourage you to have a peak.

The start of the fire trail

So now the awards are out of the way.... Last Sunday it was time to test the new Landcruiser out on a fire trail and to enjoy a Coopers vintage ale at the end.

Coopers Vintage Ale

I have to confess that after mowing lawns, cleaning roof gutters as well as picking up all the leaves on driveways and foot paths, the rest was well received!

I stress that the ale was drunk at room temperature as I have a wager with Maalie re the Test cricket. I love the Australian bush and the Blue Mountains, there is always something to see.

Birds seen:- Gang Gang Parrot, Rosella, King Parrot, Superb Fairy Wren, Australian Magpie, Pee Wee.


  1. Thanks Simon (little curtsy here) :))

  2. Hey Simon. Thank you so much!!
    You're always welcome at my blog.
    Now are you going to share that beer.. hahah.. Oh that is right I forgot.. I don't drink anymore! :)

  3. YOu are welcome-- share my beer? Oh no Julie, its important that i do not encourage you in its evil ways!!!

  4. Hey, mate, that beer looks good! It doesn't look too cold either!

    We let you win the last test to give you a false sense of security and to give the series an exciting finish!

  5. yes- and I am going to stay up all night watching the last test .....

  6. I look forward to the day I actual see this in person ,but until then i thank you for sharing your amazing country with us!
    Love the horse!